So wählen Sie ein Paar Freizeitschuhe im Großhandel aus?

  1. Get to know your feet

Foot shape includes many aspects, Zehenform, Knöchelrichtung, Bogenhöhe, Absatzgröße, Fußbreite, foot shape than face ever-changing.
Some brands will suggest that when choosing the same type of shoes for different feet. To consider buying a larger size, which is not scientific and accurate. Remember to buy shoes first look at the bottom crooked.

  1. How to choose a pair of wholesale casual shoes?

Upper: high hardness, low elasticity, high support.

Whether you are lifting iron to do strength training or running jump physical training, need is low elasticity, high hardness, strong packaging, good support upper. Otherwise, it is very easy to twist your ankle. If it is a very elastic net running shoes, your foot in these exercises when you are doing it is easy to wriggle and twist the ankle.

Soles: Low slope, not too thick and not too soft.

A part of the full palm air cushion bottom and popcorn soles and suitable for indoor training. The sole is too soft and the height difference between the front and rear is too large, easy to sprain feet.
Uppers: High uppers that can protect the ankle are best.
Toe: Stiffen and protect your toes.

  1. How to choose running shoes?
  • Upper: good elasticity, good ventilation.
  • Upper: Not too high for ankle movement.
  • Sole: Sanft, Licht, not too thick.
  1. How complex is the design of wholesale casual shoes?

In addition to those mentioned above, a good pair of sneakers, each small accessory has its own function.

  • Toe: to protect the feet, prevent friction injury. The toe is also divided into many kinds of materials, and the back is separated according to the function.
  • Upper: Provides support, protection, breathability, wrapping the foot. Mesh or cloth design vamp, more common in running shoes, breathable, easy to move, light weight.
  • Sole: Provides grip, enhances wear resistance and flexibility. The soles absorb and release energy, cushioning the plantar impact.
  • Tongue: Adjust the tightness of the upper and upper to enhance comfort.
  • Shoelaces: Adjust for comfort.
  • Heel split: Pro.
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