The weather is so cold, do you have a pair of warm slippers? How to choose a pair of suitable and warm cotton slippers? The following will focus on the sole upper material to help you choose the right warm fur slippers wholesale.

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Sole material

Shoes are used to wear, first need to withstand the pressure caused by weight, so the pressure resistance should be good, To wear-resistant, pressure, impact resistance, light, soft, flexible, while the dry ground non-slip also in the wet ground non-slip, some material slippers in the oil-water ground like skates.

  1. PVC sole

PVC scientific name PVC, the advantage is wear-resistant non-slip, cheap, the most widely used soles in daily life is PVC.
The disadvantage is that there is a smell, with the nose to smell a smelly taste, not suitable for high temperature environments.

  1. EVA sole

EVA scientific name ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer, has good flexibility and rubber material elasticity, can easily bend the slippers.
The EVA sole has a non-slip effect on the dry ground, and the effect is poor on the wet ground, so the slippers of this material are not suitable for use in places with water such as bathrooms and kitchens.

  1. TPR Sole

Thermoplastic elastomer, people often say the tendon sole, the material is harder than other materials under the same conditions, and the flexibility is generally not shock resistant.
The advantage is good elasticity, strong anti-skid friction, and can walk freely on the wetland.

  1. PU sole

Mainly for Polyurethane polymer polyurethane synthetic material, the advantage is that it is hard, lightweight, wear-resistant, oil-resistant, acid-resistant, comfortable to wear and lightweight, basically no weight in the hand. The biggest advantage of PU soles is flexibility and elasticity. If you look at the back of the sole, you can see that the holes are all round.
The downside is expensive. The vast majority of luxury brand slippers use PU soles, which are not only comfortable and lightweight to wear, but also look very tall at a glance.

  1. Rubber sole

The advantages of rubber soles are good flexibility and elasticity, excellent sports shock absorption ability, and are commonly used in the production of various sports shoes. Excellent anti-slip performance, whether in dry land or wet land walk as stable.

Upper material

Warm uppers are made of natural fur and synthetic fur. Natural fur includes pure cotton, cowhide, wool and fur. Artificial fur including length of plush, polyester fiber, cotton fiber, polyester and other chemical synthetic materials.

  1. Natural fiber has superior moisture absorption performance. When the moisture content is 8% ~ 40%, the hair surface is still dry. Shoes are still dry and not wet, not easy to foot odor. Natural fur warmth and breathability is better than artificial fur, and the disadvantage is that it is expensive.
  2. Artificial plush to keep warm. After high temperature and high pressure processing, not easy to deform and wrinkle, wear-resistant.

Key points of buying cotton slippers

  1. Breathability: Many cotton slippers are soft and comfortable to wear, but the breathability is not good, and the soles of the feet sweat under a little movement, and the shoes are wet, not only the feet are uncomfortable but also smelly for a long time.
  2. Skid resistance: Be sure to pay attention to the skid resistance, especially for people who do housework, it is not good to accidentally slip yourself when mopping the floor. And the bathroom, kitchen floor will inevitably have water.