Categories for Men’s Wholesale Casual Shoes

  1. Loafer

Loafers are flat or low-top shoes without laces. Easy to wear easy to take off, is the classic style of men’s casual shoes.

  • Penny loafer: A belt with holes cut across the upper for decorative use.
  • Tassel loafers: The surface of the shoe has tassel trim.
  • Horse buckle loafers: The upper has a very recognizable metal buckle.
  1. Beanie Shoes

Beanie shoes are based on loafers. The sole first appeared with 133 rubber particles. Later, the size and number of beans increased or decreased and the shape changed. The shape design is stylish and elegant, simple and light.

  1. Sailing shoes

Boat shoes are also based on loafers. The legit sailing shoe has an exhaust and drain seam on the heel. The laces are all pure leather and are 360 ° around.

  1. Work shoes

It derived from worker equipment, such as miners, stevedores, etc. Modeling has high and low help two categories. Uppers commonly uses in leather, reverse suede and other materials. The sole is thick, the whole product is characterized by firm and wear-resistant.

  1. Martin boots

The main difference between Martin shoes and work shoes is the sole. Martin boots are divided into short, medium and long boots, and the middle tube is more common. It has a variety of colors and patterns. Martin boots are almost all classic round head version design. Work boots are square head, round head, formal, rough have.

  1. canvas shoes

Canvas shoes are shoes with a thick rubber bottom and a canvas upper. It has the characteristics of light, durable and low price.

  1. Brock shoes

Not a type of shoe, but a decorative statement of shoes. There are carved, nail hole pattern can be called block shoes. Such as Oxbridge, Derby Block, Monk Block.

  1. Board shoes

Board shoes are flat-soled shoes. Skateboarders often wear shoes, also known as skateboard shoes. The main feature is that the sole has a cushioning function. The shoelace has a protective design to prevent breaking. The toe is the easiest to grind and requires a very wear-resistant material. Thick tongue protects the ankle.

  1. Chelsea boots

It is a kind of boots derived from equestrian activities. No laces, elastic straps on the side to tighten the boot.

  1. Desert boots

Originated from the anti-fur marching shoes. There are two open lapels. Generally there are two or three pairs of lacing holes.

Men’s wholesale casual shoes material

  1. cowhide

The characteristic of cowhide is that the pores are small, evenly distributed and tight. The leather surface is bright and smooth, the texture is plump and delicate. Hand touch solid and elastic finished shoes wear-resistant, breathable. And sub-layer cowhide, two layers of leather, etc.

The so-called first layer of leather refers to the first layer from the cow, The texture is delicate, the touch feels very smooth, the cortex is very soft and comfortable, the material of the leather is also durable, it is not easy to peel off the skin, and the price is more expensive.
Two-layer cowhide mainly comes from the two or even three layers of cowhide in the crosscutting of the cowhide, and some chemical materials will be added in the production, which will appear rough, hard, and the permeability will be worse.

  1. Pig skin

Split layer of pigskin and two layer pigskin, strength and cowhide similar. Dermatoglyphic rough, large pores, not smooth, poor aesthetic. The price is relatively cheap and more used to make the inside of shoes.

  1. canvas

Breathable, light weight, but wear resistance, waterproof poor.

Men’s wholesale casual shoes to choose from

It’s actually simpler. Look at the budget, two to like themselves, three to wear comfortable. As for the material, preferably cowhide, then pigskin, canvas, etc. The price of the first layer of cowhide is more expensive and breathable than the second layer.

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